Basement Window Security

Make It A Priority

Next to your exterior doors, basement window security should be your highest concern when evaluating the safety of your home. Thieves are notoriously lazy. They keep an eye out for houses with no basement window security.

Take a look around your property. Are any of your basement windows hidden from view by fencing or landscaping? Burglars love when you plant a bush in front of a basement window; security is low because the thief can take all the time in the world to get through your window without worrying about been seen.

Basement Window Security Should Be Visible

When a thief sees a basement window security system in place, he moves on, searching for an unprotected house. Add visual security to your system with the following tips:

  • Remove bushes and other plants that may be blocking windows from view.
  • Use window security bars to tell a thief walking by that there’s no point in trying.
  • Place warning stickers on your windows advertising the fact that you have an alarm system, whether it is an electronic system or a community watch system.

Note: Don’t tempt thieves. If you have a big screen T.V. or bar of solid gold or anything else tempting, keep your blinds or curtains closed.

Keeping Them Out

Visual security works, but sometimes you’ll get an energetic criminal who really wants to get into your house. What’s the easiest way to do that, other than walking through the door? Climbing through the basement window. Security in this area must, therefore, physically keep the thief out as well.

  • Use window bars for effective visual and physical basement window security. Remember to use hinged bars with a keyless locking system for emergency escape if you’re installing them in a basement bedroom.
  • Use shatter-resistant glass or have security film applied to the window.
  • Use glass blocks in areas where you don’t need windows that open.
  • Install high-quality locks for improved basement window security.
  • Place something inside the house to make it hard for the thief if he does get in. A cactus garden on the windowsill or on a table below the window is one idea.

Depending on the type of window, you may be able to simply drill through the frames and insert a nail to provide additional security.

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