Patio Door Locks

Fixed Window Bar

Standard Patio Door Locks are Just Plain Weak

It’s very simple to pry open standard patio door locks. As a matter of fact, they’re probably the weakest lock in your whole house. Our steel Patio Door Security Bars, fastened into both the frame and the sliding door, provide the reinforcement you need for your patio doors.

Don’t Rely on Inferior Patio Door Locks

Our Patio Door Security Bars are no ordinary patio door locks. While there are many patio door locks on the market, ours have these unique features, all for a very affordable price:

  • Strong steel construction
  • Durable white powder-coated finish
  • May be secured with a padlock when you’re away for added security.
  • Special adjustment slot allows patio doors to open up to 4” while still remaining locked. Perfect for ventilation or to let your pet in or out.
  • Can be used on either inside-sliding patio doors or outside-sliding patio doors.


Our Patio Door Security Bars come in these standards sizes to fit most patio doors:

Have a larger size patio door? We can make our Patio Door Security Bars in almost any size. Call us for more information.

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