Keyless Quick Release Locking System

Fixed Window Bar

Locks Intruders Out but
Won't Lock You In!

The MR. GOODBAR® Keyless Quick Release System is a safe, reliable accessory for locking your window bars on emergency exit windows. It is easy to use by every member of your household, young or old. A simple pull on the safety release pin drops the rod and allows our hinged window bars to swing open smoothly.

  • This system can be used on either inside or surface mount applications.
  • Approximately 3 feet of unobstructed wall space is required below the window.


Model building and life safety codes require window bars on emergency exit windows (such as bedroom windows) to be quickly opened from the inside without the use of tools, keys, or special knowledge. These codes include:

  • The Uniform Building Code
  • The National Building Code
  • The Standard Building Code
  • National Fire Protection Association 101 - The Life Safety Code
  • The National Building Code of Canada
  • The International Residential Code

Typically, secondary escape windows are bedroom windows and basements with habitable space. Specific applications, however, may require windows other than these to be used for secondary escape.

Always consult your local building and fire codes regarding emergency egress from your home.