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Hi Jeff, Our client is very happy with the final product we are providing and your Mr. Goodbar products work great and are a big part of that. The buildings previously had large cast-iron security bars bolted onto the outside of each window, making it look like more of a jailhouse than a residential housing complex. Using your products and moving the security bars from the exterior to the interior achieves the architectural look they wanted without compromising security. Further, it has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company. We have still got a long way to go, so we will be able to get plenty of pictures, of inside finished conditions too, just before we turn over a building! 

– BRENDAN / Project Manager

I just wanted to extend my thanks for your well made product. I purchased a 42/54 inch adjustable window guard from Home Depot after searching all over for a size that fits my 46 inch square window. I wasn’t sure what to expect as it just looked too easy to install. I had it installed in less than an hour and it is very solid and engineered well. Kudos to your engineers. Go Flames! 

– Steve – US Marine Corps

I recently ordered the 36 inch security grille and loved it. The order was quickly processed and within days, I got it. It is nice looking and very sturdy… wife even said that the appearance resembled window blinds more than security bars. The parts and directions were fine. The only thing I might suggest the company do is to paint the bolts and wing nuts white. I painted mine prior installing and the finished product looks great. I would suggest this product to anyone wanting quality and a good price. 

– Bill from Illinois

Hi Jeff, I’m just off the phone with you and want to say special thank you for the high quality safety products your company is currently producing. The burglars bars we have installed through our basement saved our house from thief’s break in. Burglars were trying to open them with special tools but had no luck. Thank you once again and wish you all the best with your business. 

– Oksana & Alex Strelbytskyy 

Hi Jeff, 
When we bought our new home I noticed that the basement window which is ground level had no security bars. I searched all over the internet for hours to find security bars that I could install on the basement window which is 72 inches wide but could not find any until I finally found Mr Goodbar security bars at I contacted Jeff at Mr Goodbar and he was able to give me a thorough description of the bars and guided me to the exact bars I was looking for that would be able to extend to the width I needed. I purchased the bars and installed them myself. I was more than pleased at the easy installation, the quality of the bars, the classy look of them and the very reasonable price. 
I would recommend Mr. Goodbar to anyone who is looking to make more secure their home. 

– Daniel, NJ 

Jeff, I ordered a window guard from you a couple of weeks ago and we LOVED it! Our daughter moved to Houston a month or so ago and into a downstairs condo,we were a little worried about her bedroom window,even though she lives in a good location, it is Houston, Texas which we know has a large crime rate. Anyway to make a long story short my husband and I installed the window guard all by ourselves, actually all I did was help him hold the window while he used the drill to install the screws It took us only about 20 minutes. The guard actually gave the window a nice decor. 

– K. Burkhart Kyle, Tx 

Thank you for your prompt action. I got the missing part today. I will be making sure I talk your product and response times up to anyone who will listen. 

– G. Karas

Jeff, Hi Jeff, Thank you so much for your effort to supply the old 3 inch Z bars for my four window grills. I had installed seven systems two/three years ago but only three keyless systems. When I purchased the four keyless systems in early December last year I found they had 1 inch Z bars. I called customer service and you were great! You guided me through the process. When the parts did not arrive on schedule you called UPS and tracked our parcel. Because of the huge winter storms central Canada was enjoying they went through Alberta and ended up in Quebec. They arrived last Friday afternoon and I installed them this weekend. 
Jeff, you are a tribute to Premier Security Products and the Mr. Goodbar brand. Thank you so much again! 

– Take care, Al (Vancouver, BC) 

Jeff. The window guard arrived at our local Home Depot on Tuesday afternoon and I picked it up yesterday (Wednesday 15 July). Your assistance moved the arrival time from “at least two weeks” to a few days. There has been a rash of break ins, thefts, and vandalism, in our area, and thanks to you we now feel reasonably secure. Last week we had guests overnight and their car was vandalized and our exterior lights disabled so we have been feeling pretty nervous. Thank you again for your help and putting an old guy’s mind at ease. Regards, 

– D. Richardson 

Jeff, Thanks for your caring. I would not have been able to complete this project without your assistance and follow up. The bars look good! I am satisfied with the results. Inspector will be here when he has time to see the entire renovation project which includes the security bars. Will give you feedback after inspection. 

– J. Okazaki 

Hi Jeff Here is the other window bar. The window is about 45 tall and 19 wide. (My measurements are not perfect and I do not know exactly where you want it taken from). I talked to my wife and we both agree that a permanent bar is preferable to a swing away on both windows. Thank you for all of your help. I called the number (which is on the bar) only on a whim and was not really expecting a whole lot. But I we have both been pleasantly surprised. Thanks again 

– Jason 

“I had an attempted break in through my garden level window last week. The man trying to get in kicked the bars quite a few times, enough times that my neighbor heard the noise and was able to call the police. Although the bars were slightly bent from repeated force, the quick release bars did exactly what there were intended to do. No harm was done to the window casting or the quick release. I am so thankful for Mr. Goodbar window security bars. Everything held the way it is supposed to and no damage was done to the house, let alone a potential break in. Mr. Goodbars customer service has been and continues to be amazing. I have a sense of ease now knowing that the bars do thier job and I know who to call when I have any questions about security. From this recent experience I have made the choice to put bars in a couple more windows and it has been so effortless to call them and get the right bars in my home. Thank you to a great company.” 
– H. Withrow Denver, Colorado, USA

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