Window Bar Information

Before You Buy Our Window Bars

Sometimes you don't know what you're getting when you buy online. We want you to make the right choice. While we make it convenient for you to buy our window bars online, we also know you may have a lot of questions.

Spending a few minutes reading the following window bar information will give you the comfort of knowing exactly what you're getting. But if you still have questions, give us a call and we'll help you make the right choice.

Features of Mr. Goodbar Window Bars

  • Strong 14-gauge steel tubing
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Saw-resistant roll bars (most models)
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • Tamper-resistant mounting hardware
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit every time


How to Buy our Window Bars

In the U.S.

Our U.S. customers have two options.

In Canada

MR. GOODBAR® products are available at these trusted retailers:

    - avaliable instore and by special order

    - Click on logo to check stock in a store near you.

    Lowes Canada - avaliable instore and by special order

    - Click on logo to find a store near you.


    1. Locksmiths/Installers - Find one in your area

Can't find what you are looking for at your local retailer?

  • If your local retailer does not carry a size or option you are looking for, ask them about their Special Order Program. In most cases, you will get exactly what you want-without added cost-and in 10 days or less.
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Do It Yourself

Our window bars have been designed to be easily installed in minutes by most homeowners. All you need are a few basic tools and you’re on your way.

Interior Application

We’ve designed our window bars to be installed on the inside of your home. Interior installation means better security since the glass must be broken before attempting to defeat the bars. In addition, interior installation avoids the problems of exposure to the elements.

How to Measure Your Windows

Our window bars may be installed inside the window frame or on the surface of the window trim. See our See our "How to Measure" diagram.

Mounting Options

Our window bars may be installed either horizontally or vertically. If you wish to mount the bars vertically, simply substitute height for width, and vice versa, when choosing your size.

Caution should be used when mounting the swing-away units vertically. Ensure that they are installed with the lock on the bottom to prevent injuries.

The Keyless Locking System cannot be used when the bars are installed vertically.

Window Bar Sizes

Our window bars are available for windows up to 53” high and 74” wide.

Click here for a complete listing of available sizes.

Window Bar Models

All window bars are available in 3 different models:


Larger Openings?

If you have windows larger than our standard sizes will fit, we have several options. For extra high windows, you can simply install two or more window bars.. For wider windows, use our to mount 2 bars side by side.


The standard color of our window bars is white, which is preferred by most homeowners. However, we do offer our bars in either black or titanium (silver) for an additional charge.


All window bars come with the hardware you need to install as well as the right screwdriver bits. We provide wood screws (1 ¾”) with special anti-tampering inserts to prevent them from being unscrewed from the outside.

How to Install Your Window Bars

Please see our installation page for all the information you need for a trouble free installation.

Safety Concerns

Model building and life safety codes require window bars (on windows used for secondary means of escape) to be quickly opened from the inside without the use of tools, keys, or special knowledge. These codes include:

  • The Uniform Building Code
  • The National Building Code
  • The Standard Building Code
  • National Fire Protection Association 101 - The Life Safety Code
  • The National Building Code of Canada
  • The International Residential Code

Typically, secondary escape windows are windows in sleeping rooms and in basements with habitable space. Specific applications, however, may require windows other than these to be used for secondary escape.

Always consult your local building and fire codes regarding emergency egress from your home.

Protection you can rely on.