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Burglar Bars

Burglar Bars – The Wise Choice

Burglar bars are a unique home security product. While most home security measures provide either a visual deterrent or a physical deterrent, window burglar bars are one of the few products that offer both.

The presence of window burglar bars on all accessible windows sends a clear message to thieves that breaking in to your home will not be easy. In most cases, burglars will simply look for an easier target.

Interior or Exterior Burglar Bars?

Many homeowners have window burglar bars on the exterior of their homes. While this enhances their security, it also creates a potentially dangerous situation – defeating a possible emergency exit from your home.

For top window security, window burglar bars should be mounted on the interior of your home and windows should also be alarmed. With these two precautions, burglars will have to break the glass and then try to break through the burglar bars while the alarm is sounding – not the ideal situation for burglars!

When Safety is an Issue

Model building and life safety codes require window burglar bars (on windows used for secondary means of escape) to be quickly opened from the inside without the use of tools, keys, or special knowledge.

Typically, secondary escape windows are windows in sleeping rooms and in basements with habitable space.

Always consult your local building and fire codes regarding emergency egress from your home.

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