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Door Security

Door Security

How Good Is Your Door Security?

It’s no surprise that doors are the number 1 point of entry for thieves. Thieves know that the average door is weak and can be simply kicked in without making much noise. Consequently, physical door security is the first place you should turn your attention.

Doors And Frames

Effective door security starts with a solid installation. The average door is installed without any consideration for security. Openings between the door frame and the rough opening are often quite large. A pry bar can be inserted in this opening and the door can be forced open in a matter of seconds.

If you are replacing a door, make sure the frame is installed within ¼” of the rough opening. For existing doors, consider installing solid filler plates between the door frame and the wall studs. Filler plates add to the strength of the frame and provide additional support for your door security hardware.

Door security can be improved by making sure all exterior doors are of solid wood or steel construction.

Also, remember that windows in or near your door provide another easy means of entry. All a thief needs to do is break the glass and reach in to unlock the door. If you have an existing door with a window in it, consider using our Door Security Grille for added protection.

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