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Sliding Glass Door Locks

Don’t Trust Your Sliding Glass Door Locks

Sliding patio doors (or sliding glass doors) are a burglar’s best friend.  They can be defeated by prying the slider open, lifting the door off its tracks or breaking the glass.

Standard sliding glass door locks aren’t really locks at all. They’re simply a very weak clasp, usually made of weak cast metal or vinyl. A small pry bar or even a screwdriver can easily pry the door open.

There are several options for better sliding glass door locks:

  • Simple locks that install in the track can be found at most home improvement stores.
  • You can also cut a broomstick handle or hockey stick to use as a wedge.
  • Insert a pin near the bottom of the doors that locks the 2 frames together. These pins are also available in home improvement stores.
  • Install patio door bars (commonly called a ‘Charlie’ bar).

Even with better sliding glass door locks, most sliding patio doors can easily be lifted up and out of the track. An economical way to prevent this is to insert some screws in the upper track to prevent the door from being lifted while still allowing it to slide.

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